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Education Abroad Program Types

Babson offers two distinct types of education abroad programs to our graduate students - Exchange Programs and Babson-Sponsored Programs.  Please note, all program types may not be available for all students.

Exchange Programs

Participants take courses at a foreign institution alongside students from the host country.  Proficiency in the host language may be required, though there are many universities around the world in which the language of instruction is English. Students will earn Babson credit for their work.  Exchange programs are available in many academic disciplines, though some may be restricted to a specific department or school.  The number of placements in each exchange is predetermined and limited.  As such, enrollment may be competitive. Student exchange is a fundamental and important part of foreign diplomacy. Babson students studying abroad on exchange allow for an international exchange student to experience Babson College.

Babson-Sponsored Programs

Participants enroll directly in a Babson Elective Abroad or Joint Management Consulting Field Experience (JMCFE) and will be in class with other Babson students.  Participants in these programs will pay Babson tuition to Student Financial Services, and a program fee to OIP.  The program fee may include accommodations, some meals, ground transportation, and program related excursions. 

- Babson Electives Abroad are short-term, education abroad electives that combine classroom instruction with company and site visits and cultural excursions.  Led by Babson faculty, these courses may also include in-country lectures given by partner school faculty and distinguished guest speakers. Electives Abroad can be offered during winter session, March break, summer 1st session, summer 2nd session or full summer session..  Pre-departure sessions are conducted prior to travel to address academic preparation, travel logistics, risk management issues and cultural awareness. A debrief session is conducted on campus upon the group’s return and provides the opportunity to process and synthesize the information and experiences shared on the course. Please note that on occasion it may be necessary for the debrief session to take place in-country during the last days of travel. These courses provide students the unique opportunity to gain exposure to a range of businesses in different cultural environments while earning 3 credits.  These courses are available to students in the elective portion of the curriculum.

- The Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) program is one of Babson’s fundamental approaches to developing well-rounded managers with practical business experience. While similar to the MCFE program, Joint Management Consulting Field Experience (JMCFE), takes the consulting experience global through project assignments with international corporate sponsors.  In the JMCFE program, teams are comprised of Babson graduate students and graduate students from a partner institution outside of the United States; however, in some instances, the team may be solely Babson students working directly with an international corporate sponsor.  Projects are conducted during both fall and spring semester over a period of approximately 13-15 weeks.  Each project begins with travel to the partner institution and/or company site—during this period students will begin the engagement process.  At the end of the semester the partner institution’s students/adviser and/or client sponsor will travel to Babson at which time the JMCFE team presents their findings and recommendations to their sponsor company in a written report and an oral presentation.  Graduate JMCFE courses are 3 credits and are available to students in the elective portion of the curriculum.