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Elective Abroad & International Consulting Experience Mobile Phone Policy

It is strongly recommended that student carry a mobile phone for the duration of the course.

  • All students who plan on carrying their mobile phone abroad must provide their mobile phone number in the Terra Dotta system for both voice and SMS contact.
  • If a student(s) plans to purchase a phone or SIM card in country upon arrival, the student(s) is required to provide the mobile number to the course Administrator within 24 hours of arrival. 
  • All students who do not have a mobile phone must communicate that to the Administrator upon arrival.

The following requirements apply to all “unscheduled” time while in country, all student must:

  1. Travel in pairs or small groups at all times.
  2. Confirm that at least one student in the pair or in the group have a working mobile phone that can receive SMS and calls.
  3. Notify someone outside of the pair or group of where they are going and when they expect to return.