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Personal Conduct and Academic Integrity

While participating in a Babson Elective Abroad and International Consulting Experience students are required to:

Pre-travel Requirements

  • Attend/Complete Pre-departure Orientation Session and faculty-led Pre-travel Academic Sessions
  • Complete and submit all Elective Abroad forms and information as requested by the Glavin Office

While Abroad

  • Observe and obey laws of host country and all academic/disciplinary regulations in effect at host institution
  • Understand and follow Babson’s Policy on Student Conduct
  • Attend all lectures, company visits, and scheduled events
  • Be prepared to participate actively in discussions and activities

Upon Return

  • Complete the Registrar’s Office and Glavin Office’s course evaluations
  • Attend Post Travel Debrief Session (this session may take place while abroad)

NOTE:  Sanctions due to absence from or non-compliance wtih any of the above listed activities are at the discretion of the lead faculty.