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Meet the EAPAs!

Education Abroad Peer Advisors are Babson students who have studied abroad for a semester or academic year. They are here to offer peer advice and answer any questions you have: while searching for a program, while you're preparing to go, while you're abroad and even when you've returned to campus! 


Meet the EAPAs

Gwen Lee

IES Business & International Affairs in Paris

Have you ever watched the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love"? Studying abroad is quite similar and just as amazing as it looks on screen. You can experience an amazing new culture, meet like-minded students from all over the world, and find yourself in the process. I had a fantastic spring semester in Paris, which I chose because of it's high praises from friends at Babson. I spoke about my interest in marketing and fashion to an EAPA named Karla. She was reminding everyone about the application deadlines for studying abroad at the kiosks in Reynolds when I met her. As a freshman, I didn't know much about studying abroad. All I knew was that most students went abroad junior year so I hadn't looked into it. Karla told me about her semester in Italy and I was sold. She sounded so wise and cultured that I had to look into the idea of spending a semester outside of the country. It was daunting but I talked about the possibility to others like Lexi Kantor, who is fluent in all things French. Paulina, a current EAPA, even messaged me about how wonderful it was while she was in Paris for her semester abroad. Next thing you know, I applied on the Glavin portal, got a visa, and booked my flight to France. There, I learned personal and professional skills that have gotten me a summer internship in my intended field and hopefully many more opportunities to come. I had an incredible experience abroad just as all of these EAPA's had. And like them, I could talk about Paris for days. Before, I couldn't even imagine going so far out of my comfort zone, especially as a sophomore, but now I can't imagine not having the crazy experiences I've had abroad. Non, je ne regrette rien. (Edith Piaf) Truly. In fact, I would love to study abroad again.

Academic Interest: Marketing, International Business
Hobbies: Travel, Gastronomy, Fashion

Gwen Lee

Zoe Feng

Paris Start-Up Strategy Elective

From Hangzhou to Palo Alto and London in the past, and from Babson Park to Paris this time, studying abroad has always been something I am truly passionate about. Paris Start-Up Strategy was the earliest study abroad program I could join at Babson, and so I did, with my love for art and curiosity to see how businesses start and run in this fashion capital, which turned out to be a major European tech hub as well. It was such an immersing experience - from visiting headquarters, talking with established founders, to hearing from VCs, and working with young start-ups, everything was very hands-on and real. Visits to museums and other art and culture destinations were well weaved into our schedule as well, so we really got the best of both worlds. It was a short 8-day trip, yet it was already long enough to start impacting my life - consulting had turned from a vague area to a career interest to me, Paris had come to mean much more than a word, and I started thinking about questions that I never before had thought of. Beside that, isn’t being in a beautiful city with a group of amazing, interesting people itself just profoundly inspiring and wonderful?
Studying abroad is magical; you never know what lies ahead and who awaits you. They are the unknown that are known to be giving you good laughs, strength to explore and to grow as a person in all ways. On that note, I am excited for more of my study abroad adventures to come, and yours, as well.
Academic Interests: marketing, consulting, international business, finance
Hobbies: traveling, running, photography, music

Zoe Feng

Lizaveta Litvinava


The first day I arrived on campus as a freshman, I saw a BRIC booklet on a desk in the Glavin Office. Since then, I knew that BRIC will be my Babson dream. Two years after, when the time actually came to application, I started to hesitate and almost did not finish my application. Why would I want to go abroad when Babson is already abroad for me? Additionally, I was scared to miss out on experiences at Babson. However, I am so happy that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and applied for BRIC. So far, that decision was the best one I have made at Babson. The BRIC program changed my life, gave me a taste of fresh air and opened up my hidden potential. Three amazing months in Russia, India, and China were so full of academic learning, social challenges and emotional experiences that I still reflect on them. Only in one semester I was able to study economics and culture of Russia, entrepreneurship environment of China as well as environmental policies and e-waste in India. Moreover, BRIC gave me a great opportunity to have become a part of an amazing cohort of other Babson students, who became my listeners, teachers and lifelong friends in just three months. I am incredibly grateful for everything BRIC program gave to me and very excited to see future cohorts making BRIC even better.
Academic Interests:
Global Business Management, Identity and Diversity
Yoga, Mandala Drawing, Photography


Shazeem Siddiqi 

CIEE Arts and Sciences in Legon Ghana

I chose to study in Ghana because out of the programs in Africa I knew the most about Ghana. Growing up we had family friends who were Ghanaian. So when I was looking at programs I was like "okay I know a little something about Ghana let me focus my energy there". I wanted a program where I was cross enrolled and was taking courses with local students. This CIEE program was perfect for me (the whole point of studying abroad is finding the best program for YOU). I was cross enrolled at the University of Ghana where I took liberal art courses such as "Colonial Rule and African Response" and "Art History of Ghana". Courses like these excited me because they were very different than the ones that were offered at Babson. I want to be around students who were not business majors and in this program I was the only one who was studying business. I like this because whenever we had discussions I would hear perspectives that I had never heard of before. Also I went to Ghana because I was tired of people telling me what this vast continent was like even though none of had ever gone. I wanted to prove to people that "Africa" is not this barren piece of land where nothing happens. I knew this idea was false but I did not have firsthand experiences to prove it so that was part of my reasoning for going. I wanted to make my own conclusions about the world. I have learned so much from studying abroad in Ghana that everyday there are new things that I learn about myself. There are new things that I do and say and I ask myself "okay where did that thought or skill come from". Honestly most of them came from my abroad experience. If someone asked me to go back to Ghana I would definitely go again without a doubt. 

Academic Interests: Operations Management and Business Analytics 
Hobbies: Eating new cuisines, Traveling, Being in Nature 


Danielle Cataldo

CIEE Arts & Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa

I chose CIEE Arts and Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa because I wanted to explore a culture where I could easily find a new adventure every day and be challenged mentally and academically. I wanted a location that not many if any, Babson students would be interested in because I wanted to independently explore the world to gain the most from my study abroad experience. A goal of mine when going abroad was to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and take any opportunity I was given to learn more about other parts of the world and how I fit into it. I was fortunate enough that this is not the only education abroad experience I have had here at Babson. I also chose to participate in The London Stage elective abroad during the winter 2016 session. This was an incredible opportunity to see the best parts of London, to experience a foreign abroad experience for a shorter, but still significant, amount of time and to learn about a topic I never chose to study- plays and the arts. Both of these abroad experiences have taught me a great deal about how to grow personally and academically so I never stop learning throughout my life. I would choose to go back on both programs despite any challenges presented because the best way to learn is to experience something first-hand.
Academic Interests: Legal Studies Concentration
Hobbies: Traveling, Skiing, and Extreme Sports

Danielle Cataldo

Eva Chen

CIEE International Business & Culture in Seville, Spain

Like any other student, I wanted to go abroad to discover new cultures and immerse myself in the city. I wanted to travel the world and meet new people. This was all fulfilled and so much more. Going abroad wasn't simply that, to be honest, it's simply a small part of your experience. Living that everyday life of the locals was what made the abroad experience mine. The best feeling abroad is finally not needing your GPS to navigate the streets or going to a grocery store and greeting the store owner by name. I think that these small moments are what add up to the abroad experience.
I was lucky enough to join CIEE International Business and Culture in Seville, Spain. This program helped me balance the business and cultural aspect of my academic requirements. I wanted to gain a fluency in the Spanish language but at the same time be able to apply it to my career. Therefore, classes like Spanish for Business helped me immensely, giving me the ability to communicate with others in a business setting.
Aside from the academic aspect, living in a homestay was probably one of my best decisions. I learn more each day about the Spanish culture, how immersed they are in politics and keeping up with world news, how similar and different our ideals are. It also gives me immense pleasure in being able to develop my Spanish in a fun way. My favorite memory is probably playing Heads Up (Spanish version) with my host family, there’s nothing like struggling to come up the answer using hand gestures and butchered Spanish. Best of all, I get to eat all the delicious Spanish food! 

Eva Chen

Jessamine Von Arx  

IES Abroad Emerging Economies in Buenos Aires, Argentina & Santiago, Chile

The best way to understand people who are different than you is to travel. Coming to Babson as a transfer student, I was told it would be very difficult to go abroad and graduate on time. I made it a priority to figure out how to go. I believed going abroad for a semester was important because it challenges you and helps you learn about other cultures. Learning about people who are different than me has been priceless and has helped me be a better person. Studying abroad helped me realize those differences aren’t so different after all. 


Arushi Ray

BRIC & Semester in San Francisco

I remember sitting on a plane back to Boston in January. I couldn’t help but hold a goofy smile on my face thinking about my past few months. In the span of a couple of months, I had danced to Latin music among motorcycle gangs on the streets of St. Petersburg, slept on clay beds outside of the Great Wall of China, and rode in rickshaws through the bustling Indian streets of chaotic traffic, cows and fruit vendors. My mind was buzzing with all the newfound knowledge I had learned of the three major global economies: Russia, India, and China. However, my journey was not over for I was about to embark on another program to San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley.

I write this as my semester nears an end in San Francisco. My biggest fear was that I would not have gone through some kind of personal change by the end of the two education abroad programs. Looking back, it is incredible to see how BRIC and San Francisco has had such an influential impact on me today. In fact, these two programs have been the changing moments of my Babson career. The friends I have made along the way and the relationships I have forged with my cohorts will be memories that I will forever carry with me. I learned to prioritize experiences and adventures. I learned that countries are far more connected than you may think. I learned compassion and empathy. Most importantly, I learned that the world is filled with inspiring people. For that, I will forever choose to remain curious and always learning because the world is never as it seems. There will always be a different perspective which will open up a whole new way of seeing the world.
So take the leap into the unknown and cherish the journey. Talk to the stranger sitting next to you at a cafe. Soak up the beauty of architecture and history. Walk barefoot and do as locals do. Talk less and listen more. Be inquisitive and open. I promise you, it will be worth it.

International Business, TED (Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design), Finance.

painting, art gallery hopping, eating dessert, socializing, people watching.