Graduate General Application, Lottery and Placement Process

General Application Process 

The online general application process for all graduate electives abroad, except Ghana, will open on Tuesday, 9/4/2012 at 9:00am (EST) and will remain open until  close of business on Thursday, 9/20/2012.  A lottery process is used to place students on courses after the general application has closed; hence there is no preference given to students who apply earlier in the process than later. If you miss the application deadline, you will have an opportunity to apply for a course during the waitlist application period.

**A special application is required for the GHANA elective abroad, selection for this courses IS NOT done through the lottery process.** 

The general application will allow you to select up to three courses and will require you to indicate your order of preference for each course. Please be sure to check the eligibility guidelines as well as any academic pre-requisites before making your selections.  Since this is a lottery placement process, it is important to remember to only select course(s) you are willing to commit to; to do otherwise would be unfair to your fellow students as it may take away the opportunity for their placement on the course. Students will only be placed on one course in the lottery placement process. 

It is the responsibility of an international student (F1 or J1 visa holders) to meet with an International Student Advisor prior to applying to an offshore course to insure they are in compliance with the US visa regulations. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those students who are planning to graduate in May 2013 but would like to enroll in an elective abroad that will take place in Summer Session 2013 will need to speak to their graduate program manager and elective abroad program manager before selecting this as a preference in the lottery. As long as all other degree requirements are met, this will change the student’s graduation date to September 2013. PLEASE NOTE: September 2013 graduates are eligible to walk in the May 2013 graduation ceremony.

In addition, international students studying at Babson on an F1 or J1 visa who are planning to apply to Summer Session 2013 offshore courses, MUST meet with an International Student Advisor before submitting an application to insure that they remain in compliance with the US visa regulations.

CLICK HERE for general lottery application.

CLICK HERE for the Ghana application.

CLICK HERE for the Information Session schedules.

Lottery Placement and Acceptance Process

On Saturday, 9/22/2012 students will receive an email notifcation of their lottery placement. All acceptance materials listed below are due by 4:00pm (EST), Friday, 9/28/2012.

The Acceptance Process includes completion and submission of the following:

Questionnaires (completed online):

·         Health Information Form

·         Medical Insurance Form

·         Passport Information Form

·         Emergency Contact Form

Material Submissions (printed, completed and returned to OIP):

·         Graduate Release & Waiver

·         Graduate Program Fee Payment Agreement

·         Photographic & Artwork Consent Form

·         Non-refundable Deposit of $500

·         Copy of Passport Submission

·         Copy of Resume Submission

Signature Documents (completed online with electronic signature):

·         Acknowledgement of Pre-departure Requirement

·         Acknowledgement of Student Conduct Policy

If you have any questions about this process you may contact the Glavin Office of International Programs at 781-239-4565.