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Babson Electives Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an elective abroad?

Babson Electives Abroad offered in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America combine intensive classroom experience with corporate site visits and guest lectures, providing students with real-time learning in the global marketplace. These four credit courses are taught by Babson faculty and in some cases with host institution faculty members.  The also feature lectures by CEOs and senior managers of major companies, including prominent Babson alumni. Conveniently scheduled during the winter session and March break, and the summer sessions, electives abroad are open to all Babson students.


How is the course offering determined?

Courses are designed by faculty. The topics covered and places visited are based on the faculty’s area of interest and expertise, student demand, and student feedback from past courses. The course offerings are reviewed each year in order to offer the best and most interesting courses possible. The Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education is responsible for the marketing and delivery of the courses offered.


Who can participate in an Elective Abroad?

These courses are open to all graduate students who have completed one half of their studies at Babson. These are: full time graduate students in their second year; one year graduate students having completed their core requirements, evening students who have completed 27 credits; and Fast Track students who are eligible to begin their elective course (see Eligibility Requirements). 

May I bring my spouse/partner on the course?

         No. The Electives Abroad are intensive academic programs and cannot accommodate additional non-course participants.  

Do I need to know the local language to participate in an Elective Abroad?

No. All classes and site visits are conducted in English. We do advise that you learn some basic phrases before the travel portion of the course. 

Do I need a passport/visa?

It is the responsibility of each student to secure their own passport and visa for any Elective Abroad. It is expected that the student will have familiarized themselves with passport and visa requirements before registering for any elective course. No refunds will be given for visa related issues after the final payment has been charged to the student account (one month before travel). The Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education (Glavin Office) will provide travel specific information to assist students in completing their visa application upon student request. The most updated information should be obtained through the destination country’s consulate office. Given the number of course participants, the Glavin Office is unable to process student visa applications.

*Please note passports must still be valid 6 months post travel.

What if my passport isn’t updated before I apply?

Please indicate the date of your new passport is expected to arrive on your application. When it arrives please submit this information (and a photo copy) to the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education for processing.  

What are the requirements for Elective Abroad?

Specific requirements and pre-requisites for each course can be found on the course brochure page found under the Programs tab at  Other eligibility requirements can be found at Eligibility Requirements 

Which Academic Session will I be registered for if I take an Elective Abroad?

January courses are Winter session, unless otherwise indicated. March courses are registered in the Spring semester. May and June courses are registered in the Summer 1st Session, Summer 2nd Session or Summer Full Session depending on the dates of the program. Courses may not and cannot be registered to a different term.  

Will there be internet access at the hotel we stay in?

Each course is different in this regard. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with the Elective Abroad Program Manager of the course whether their individual needs can be met BEFORE applying for the course. Please note that Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education works on the best available information provided by the hotel/vendor. It is recommended that students make contingency plans if this is a priority for participation in the course.  

How do I apply for an Elective Abroad?

Applications for all courses are done using a lottery system in September. All students who wish to apply for a course will be asked to submit an online form, indicating their preferences of an Elective Abroad. Once the application period closes, the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education (Glavin Office) will randomly assign lottery numbers to each applicant. The Glavin Office will then work through the list in numerical order, assigning each student to their first available preference. After we have announced the placements and collected deposits from attendees, the Glavin Office will open a second rolling admission application to offer any remaining available spaces for all Electives Abroad and establish waitlists for the courses.  

Can I apply for more than one Elective Abroad?

After the first round application is complete, the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education will offer a second rolling admission application for any remaining spaces. All students are welcome to apply for a second course at that time.  

Does it matter when, in the application process, I apply for a course?

The lottery application will be open a designated period of time and it must be completed within this timeframe. There is no preference given the students who apply earlier in the process than later. If you miss the application deadline, you will have an opportunity during the second rolling admission application to apply for a course (this application placement process is done on first-come, first-service basis.)  

If I have not reach the eligibility point of my studies, can I still participate in an Elective Abroad?

No, you must meet the eligibility requirement by the start of the registration period of the course. You can apply through the lottery and rolling admission application process if you will have met the eligibility for future courses.  It is important to be sure that you will meet the eligibility by the time of registration as if eligibility is not met at the time you will be required to meet all financial obligations of the course.  

I will have met eligibility in my studies by the time the March courses (for example) will be registered. Would I be eligible for these programs?


How do I register for an Elective Abroad, once I have been accepted and have made my deposit?

The Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education will register you for the Elective Abroad once all required acceptance materials have been completed and final payment has been made.  

How is the program fee for each course determined?

Costs vary for each course. Please visit the specific brochure page to see the program fee and estimate of additional expenses for that course. The program fee is based on the total costs incurred by Babson for running the course. The program is fixed (with the exception of a single room supplement charge when offered), and it is not possible to offer a la carte pricing for different components of the course.  

What is covered by the program fees?

The program fee for all courses includes: local accommodations, internal travel, local transfers, scheduled program meals and excursions (i.e. not all meals or personal expenses are covered). If a single room is requested and available, a supplement will be charged to the student. Due to the complexities of managing a group trip, the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education uses group bookings whenever possible. Students do not have the option of making their own internal flight arrangements. Some courses may have a charge for use of local facilities or guest lecturers. For all local charges, the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education negotiates the best deal possible, including reciprocal agreements with host schools if possible. The faculty flight, accommodation, and daily expenses are included in the program fee charged to students. In some instances these costs may be subsidized by grants, academic division budgets, or outside gifts.  

What is not covered by the program fees?

The program fee does not cover tuition, international flights (to/from US), student meals (unless specified in the itinerary), entrance fees on cultural visits (unless specified in the itinerary), charges for phone calls/internet use, or any other services not specifically included in the itinerary.  

How does my financial aid package affect my expenses on an Elective Abroad?

You should contact your SFS advisor to learn more about their grants, scholarships, and financial aid packages and how they affect expenses incurred on an Elective Abroad.  

How do we arrange for payments through our employer if they are paying for the course?

Students can request a receipt of full payment that can be submitted to your employer for reimbursement of the program fee. Contact the program manager for that course to discuss specific employer requirements for submission. Reimbursement for course tuition can be handled directly through Student Financial Services.