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Parents and Family

Resources for Parents and Family

Studying abroad is one of the best decisions a student can make, and the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education (Glavin Office) encourages parents and families to take an active role in supporting their student as they prepare for a semester of new experiences, cross-cultural immersion, academic rigor, and significant personal growth.

We want students to be pro-active when making the decision to study abroad and to take responsibility for their learning experience, which starts as soon as they start researching their options. We purposefully strive to communicate with and send all correspondence to students so we can best help them prepare for the realities of a different country and navigate the process from start to finish.

While Federal law prevents us from sharing information about particular students, you can help support your student by browsing the resources available on this website. We are happy to speak with parents and family members to answer any questions, but in some cases we are not at liberty to share information out of respect of FERPA student privacy regulations.

Please visit the following sections of our website for more information about helping your student maximize their Education Abroad experience:

Education Abroad Parents Contact

Do you have questions about the Babson College education abroad experience? Contact the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education at (781) 239-4565 or