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Political/Social Unrest or Conflict

Political/Social Unrest or Conflict

In times of political or social unrest in the host country or region, or when the United States becomes a party to a political conflict anywhere in the world, additional precautions are advisable:

  1. Keep in touch with the current political situations.  In the event of an emergency, advisories may be made to the general public through the media.  In case of an emergency, remain in contact with the on-site staff.

  2. Make sure that you are registered with the closest American Embassy or Consulate.

  3. When in large cities and other popular tourist destinations, avoid places frequented by North Americans: bars, discos, and fast food restaurants associated with the US, branches of US banks, American churches, US businesses and offices, US consulates or embassies.

  4. Keep away from areas known to have large concentrations of residents aligned with interests unfriendly to the United States and its allies.  Always consult with the on-site officials before undertaking travel to neighboring cities or popular tourist destinations.

  5. Be as inconspicuous in dress and demeanor as possible.  Wear moderate colors and conservative clothing. Avoid American logos on your belongings and clothing.  Avoid large, loud groups.

  6. Keep away from political demonstrations, particularly those directed toward the United States.  If you see a situation developing, resist the temptation to satisfy your curiosity and investigate what is happening.  Walk the other way.

  7. Do not agree to newspaper or other media interviews regarding political conflicts.  It is important to remain as inconspicuous as possible.  Do not make reference to your program group. In such cases, always say “no comment” and hang up or walk the other way.