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While Abroad

Students participating in all Babson College Education Abroad programs are required to follow the laws of the country in which they are traveling.  Students are also subject to the Babson College Student Code of Conduct while on Babson Electives Abroad, Semester, and Academic-year long programs.  While abroad on Education Abroad programs, whether it is for 3 weeks or an academic year, you are a representative of Babson College and the United States.  It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner, respecting the culture and laws of your host country and the countries in which you are traveling.

Upon arrival in the destination country, please remember the communication plan you established with family members/friends back in the United States.  It is important that you communicate as planned to avoid any unnecessary anxiety for those back home.

Academic Matters
Cultural Adjustment
Maximizing your Education Abroad Experience
Global Citizenship
Preparing to Return to Babson