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Helping Students To Go Abroad

Faculty and staff at Babson College are encouraged to make students aware that:

  • Study abroad is a valuable opportunity that they can participate in as part of their academic studies.
  • All study abroad programs offered through OIP are credit-bearing experiences.
  • There are scholarships and other funding sources available, including the use of existing financial aid.
When a student indicates an interest in studying abroad, there are many things you can do. Here are a few initial suggestions:
  • Encouragement is always first. It helps students to hear faculty and staff say that study abroad is possible and worth pursuing.
  • Direct students to the Education Abroad website to get started.  It is one click away at .
  • When talking or meeting with students, ask if they have plans to go abroad. This question is particularly important when meeting with first year students as the earlier they begin to plan the easier it will be to find credits that will transfer in to meet their academic plan and/or concentration requirements.