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Health & Safety for Families

Notification Information—Please provide as much of the following information as possible:


  • Your name
  • Country & program of study
  • Student(s) names
  • Date & time of occurrence/condition
  • Description of occurrence/condition
  • Action taken thus far
  • Action requested of Officer (if appropriate)
  • Return contact information

Health & Safety Information for Families

For more detailed information, please visit the student health and safety information on this website.

Babson students are required to have international health insurance coverage that includes medical evacuation and repatriation before leaving for study abroad.  Babson Health Insurance and Program providers provide medical insurance while the student is abroad. Babson provides all study abroad students medical evacuation and repatriation insurance plan for the program period students are abroad.  This plan is offered by International Scholastic Overseas Service (SOS), the world's leading evacuation and assistance company for business and leisure travelers as well as expatriates.  Students will receive an International SOS brochure outlining benefits and services at the Predeparture Orientation with the study abroad forms.  Students are required to enroll in International SOS before they are registered for study abroad status.  This coverage does not include health and medical insurance abroad.

While your student's program will provide medical coverage while he/she is abroad, we strongly recommend that you review your current health and medical coverage and, if necessary, supplement it with a policy that is designed specifically for students studying abroad.  Your own family or individual insurance policy may provide adequate coverage.  However, many policies have severe restrictions that may preclude or limit adequate coverage while abroad.  Should you decide to purchase a supplemental policy designed for overseas study, we do not recommend that you cancel any existing insurance coverage you may have.  Since many of these supplemental policies limit eligibility to students, you should verify that your existing coverage will continue should any follow-up treatment be needed upon return from overseas study.  Please refer to the questions below for assistance in evaluating policy coverage.

1.    What type of coverage does this international health insurance plan provide?

2.    What are the eligibility requirements for this policy?  

3.    Are pre-existing conditions covered?  If so, is there a waiting period?

4.    If I become ill or am injured while overseas, how will the policy apply?
-Do I pay for services rendered and receive reimbursement afterwards?
-If I am unable to pay in advance for services rendered, will this policy provide assistance?
-Does this policy require a deductible?

5.    When does the coverage for this policy begin and when does it end?

6.    Does this policy provide coverage specifically in (country abroad)?

7.    Will this policy provide coverage for trips to the U.S. during my school breaks and/or holidays?

8.    Will the policy provide coverage outside my host country during my study abroad program?

9.    Whom do I ask if I have questions about the coverage while abroad?

10.    In addition to accident and sickness coverage, what other services does your policy provide?  (e.g., 24 hour operator assistance, information on English speaking doctors and/or translators, travel insurance, etc.)