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Academics at Babson

Academics at Babson

Course Offering

Participants in the Babson College International Student Exchange Program are eligible to take courses in all disciplines, including Accounting, Arts & Humanities, Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Finance, History & Society, Management, Marketing, Math/Science and Technology, Operations, and Information Management - as long as they have completed any corresponding prerequisites. Enrollment restrictions may apply to certain courses. Additionally, please note that Entrepreneurship courses at Babson are very popular and may fill up quickly during online course registration. While exchange students will likely be able to register for one or two Entrepreneurship courses, they should not expect to be able to take only Entrepreneurship courses during their studies at Babson. 

Online Course Registration

Exchange students will participate in online course registration a few months prior to the start of their exchange program. Since many courses fill up quickly, it is important that students have a list of alternative courses available when completing the online registration form, in the event they are unable to register for one or more preferred courses.

Click here to view the course catalog for current and past semesters. 

Please be aware that course availability may change a few weeks before registration begins. Additionally, if the semester that students will be studying at Babson is not currently available on this system, looking at the courses offered during the same semester from the prior year will provide a guideline for the type of courses generally offered during that semester.

All exchange students will receive detailed formation from the Registrar by email regarding online course registration, including important dates and deadlines.

Course and Workload

In order to maintain J-1 immigration status, exchange students must remain enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester (“full-time status”), and may enroll in up a maximum of 17 credits per semester (Undergraduate) or 18 credits per semester (Graduate). Depending on language proficiency level and home university requirements, most exchange students take between 15 and 17 credits per semester (equivalent to 4-5 courses).

Class Format, Participation, and Attendance

Classes at Babson are a mix of lectures, case studies, group projects, presentations, and discussion groups.  The average class size is 29 students.  Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions and complete all required course work. Courses are quite demanding; for every hour spent in class, students should expect to spend at least 3 hours outside of class – studying, writing papers, or meeting with other classmates to coordinate group projects. Attendance is mandatory for all courses. 

Assessment and Examinations

Students are evaluated at the end of the semester as well as continuously throughout the semester. The assessment of student performance varies: essays, in-class presentations, written quizzes and examinations, and group projects.  Attendance and class participation also contribute to students’ final grade.

Contact hours

For information on the number of hours that each course meets per semester, please visit the Registrar's website.

Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.  Intensive English language courses are not offered at Babson.