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In An Emergency


24 Hour Contact: Babson College Public Safety +1-781-239-5555


To ensure that in urgent or serious situations Babson College education abroad participants receive prompt, appropriate and thorough care, intervention or referral from both program staff and Babson College officers.


Any situation or condition which jeopardizes Babson College student(s)' physical or mental health, safety, well-being, or program participation and/or requires the intervention of program staff.  Such events or occurrences may include, but are not limited to: civil disturbance, natural disaster, severe or prolonged illness or injury requiring hospitalization, disciplinary action, emotional or behavioral disorders, illegal actions (i.e., drug use), absence from program site, academic probation, etc.
To assist program staff in addressing or resolving an urgent or emergency situation, it is vital that a Babson College official be promptly notified.

Notification Procedures

Call Babson Public Safety 24 hours, 7 days a week. 
Notification Information—Please provide as much of the following information as possible:
• Your name
• Country & program of study
• Student(s) names
• Date & time of occurrence/condition
• Description of occurrence/condition
• Action taken thus far
• Action requested of Officer (if appropriate)
• Return contact information


In the event of a political, social, or natural emergency, the Glavin Office of Multicultural and International Education will be in close contact with the on-site staff and/or US program contact for any education abroad program offered through Babson College.  The on-site staff will in turn seek advice from the local authorities and the US Consulate or Embassy nearest the program location.
Parents, friends, and family are asked to communicate with the Glavin Office staff to allow on-site personnel to focus on working with students and local officials. 

US Consulates and Embassies

The US State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs in Washington, D.C. aids Americans needing emergency assistance.  During a crisis, the US State Department will try to locate the whereabouts of an American overseas if needed.  In case of injury overseas, the Bureau of Consular Affairs can assist in sending funds to the injured American and collects necessary health information to forward to the in-country embassy or consulate.  In case of evacuation, the embassy or consulate overseas will try to help Americans depart.  If destitute, Americans can turn to a US consular officer abroad for help.