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Students with Disabilities Abroad

Students with disabilities are increasingly participating in study abroad programs around the world - according to the Open Doors Data from Institute of International Education, more than 3,194 students with disabilities nation-wide studied abroad during the 2012-2013 academic year!

The Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. The key to a successful experience for students with a documented disability is advance planning, as attitudes, accessibility, and accommodations for students may vary depending on program location.

Prior to selecting an education abroad program, students should meet with an Education Abroad Advisor or Program Manager in the Glavin Office of Multicultural & International Education to determine the program of best fit for their individual needs. In addition to assisting with program selection, Glavin staff can also speak with the program provider or overseas institution directly to help arrange for certain accommodations, and can help ensure that students will have access to resources abroad that will make their experience a successful one.

Students who utilized accessibility resources should also discuss their study abroad plans with Mary Powell, Babson’s Director of The Learning Center which includes the Office of Accessibility Resources.  

Accommodations Abroad
If you receive academic or physical accommodations here on the Babson College campus, similar accommodations can be arranged for you while abroad -- with proper planning.

Academic accommodations that have been arranged for previous education abroad participants include, but are not limited to, extra time on tests and permission to record lectures. Students may not be allowed to record a lecture while abroad without prior approval; therefore it is very important that accommodations are arranged ahead of time, as it may be too late to set up these accommodations upon arrival in country.

If would like to request accommodations for your term abroad please complete the Education Abroad Academic Accommodations Request Form and The Learning Center will process your request.

Additional Resources

For more information about student disabilities and education abroad, please visit the following websites:
Mobility International USA: Provides information on education and travel abroad for people with disabilities. Includes extensive links to related organizations worldwide and to providers of travel services for people with disabilities.
U.S. Department of State: Provides tips for students with disabilities for selecting a program, preparing to go, and living abroad.