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JMCFE Overview

Joint Management Consulting Field Experience Program Overview

One of Babson’s fundamental approaches to developing well-rounded managers with practical business experience is the Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) program. While similar to the MCFE program, Joint Management Consulting Field Experience (JMCFE) takes the consulting experience global through project assignments with international corporate sponsors.  In the JMCFE program, teams are comprised of Babson graduate students and graduate students from a partner institution outside of the United States; however, in some instances, the team may be solely Babson students working directly with an international corporate sponsor.  Projects are conducted during both fall and spring semester over a period of approximately 13-15 weeks.  Each project begins with travel to the partner institution and/or company site—during this period students will begin the engagement process.  At the end of the semester the partner institution’s students/adviser and/or client sponsor will travel to Babson at which time the JMCFE team presents their findings and recommendations to their sponsor company in a written report and an oral presentation.

Past projects have worked with partner institutions and clients in Sweden, Germany, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Project Emphasis

Projects deal with current concerns of sponsor organizations in one or more functional areas.   The unique opportunity for a company to look at a market outside of their own is an attractive proposition.   Consulting projects could include:

  • Marketing plan development
  • Marketing strategy/analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Business development
  • Benchmark/Competitive analysis

Program Student Application, Interview, Placement and Acceptance Process

An information session will be held approximately 6 weeks prior to the end of the prior semester*.  Immediately following the information session the application and interview process will open and will remain open for seven days.  One week after the interviews have been completed placements will be announced via email.  Students are required to confirm their placements via email within 24 hours, and acceptance materials are due to OIP within 5 business days of placement.  All travel arrangements will be made once all team members have accepted.

*Availability of projects is dependent on the corporate sponsor’s semester preference – hence there is the possibility that all projects will be offered in the spring or fall semester only.

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