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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for IES Buenos Aires: Summer.

Summer Budget Sheet for IES Buenos Aires: Summer
Summer Budget Sheet for IES Buenos Aires: Summer
Budget Item External
Babson Tuition (billed by and paid to Babson) *   $9,054.00
Billable subtotal:  $9,054.00
Estimated Housing (billed by host institution/provider)   $1,035.00
Passport (US Only)   $165.00
Additional Required Medical Insurance   $135.00
Estimated Airfare (round trip)   $1,200.00
Estimated Meals   $500.00
Estimated Books and Supplies   $100.00
Estimated Local Transportation   $200.00
Estimated Personal Expenses   $1,000.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,335.00
Total: $13,389.00
Please Note:
  • The Billable Total will be billed by and paid to Babson College
  • The Non-billable Total accounts for fees that will be billed directly by the provider (host institution/program, airline, etc.) and paid by the student.
  • This estimated budget has been prepared for the purpose of calculating eligibility for financial aid, and to serve as a guideline to assist students and parents in budgeting for the additional living and discretionary expenses not included in the cost of Babson College tuition. During the course of program operations, actual figures may vary, and individual expenses may differ due to personal needs, spending habits, and exchange rates. It is each student’s responsibility to verify and understand actual costs and expenses for their program.
  • All amounts are expressed in U.S. dollars and are based on current exchange rates at the time of preparation.
Additional Considerations:
  • Airfare: Cost is based on round-trip with U.S. East Coast Departure and Return
  • Visa/Passport/Residence Permit Fees: Requirements and estimated fees based on U.S. Citizenship. Non U.S. Citizens may have different requirements and costs.  Depending on visa requirements related to certain program locations, length of term and consular jurisdictions, students may also incur costs for pre-departure travel to the consulate.
  • Housing: Based on estimated cost for average housing cost. Cost may vary depending on accommodation style (residence hall, homestay, apartment), single or double occupancy, location, and length of term.
  • Meals: Based on average estimated cost for meals for the term. Cost varies depending accommodation type (self-catered, meal plan, homestay) and personal taste.
  • Personal Expenses: The total amount of personal expenses that are listed above can vary depending on personal spending habits and individual needs. Personal expenses include, but are not limited to, cell phone purchase/usage, entertainment, etc.
* Billable item