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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Honors International Program in London London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer (S) Description: PLEASE NOTE - You must be accepted into the Honors Program to participate in this program.
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Babson Leadership in a Global Context: Berlin & Singapore Berlin, Germany; Singapore, Singapore
Terms: Fall Semester Description:
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ECN7575 Business Models, Competitiveness, and the Changing European Environment Milan, Italy
Terms: Spring (S) Description: We will Immerse ourselves in Milan to study how Italian and global multinational companies stay ahead of competition.
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EPS3509 Entrepreneurship New Ventures in Fashion - London London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer (S) Description: Explore this Fashion capital past, present, and future trend-setting designs, meet with British Fashion companies and leaders in sustainable fashion.
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EPS3539 Cultivating Entrepreneurial Youth Leaders San José, Costa Rica
Terms: Spring (S) Description: Learn how you can help middle and high school students develop stronger agency, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and empower youth changemakers in Costa Rica.
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EPS3542 Innovation Ecosystems of Spain Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain
Terms: Spring (S) Description: Innovation Ecosystems of Spain is a course that immerses students in the startup ecosystems of the country's two largest hubs in Madrid and Barcelona.
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HIS4610 Social Responsibility in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Terms: Spring (S) Description: The purpose of our course is to explore the question: How do Malaysians think about Social Responsibility and how do they act in order to achieve it?
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HUM4612 Origins of Democracy, Imperialism and Human Rights Rome, Italy
Terms: Summer (S) Description: Revisit principles of Roman democracy & imperialism through philosophy, literature, history & political theory, noticing how they have informed human rights.
LAW 3504: Good Company, Good Game: Law, Ethics & Leadership in Sports Business Atlanta, United States
Terms: Fall (S) Description: See how sports businesses leaders can use the principles of entrepreneurial leadership to address challenges in ways that build a strong company culture
LIT4693 Plays, Performance and Politics: The London Theatre London, United Kingdom
Terms: Winter (S) Description: Study drama and performance and their social and political contexts in the theater capital of the world.
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MFE3508/7500 International Consulting Experience Lisbon, Portugal
Terms: Spring (S) Description: Travel to Portugal over winter break to meet the consulting client & launch the project, then work virtually with team over spring semester & deliver findings.
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MOB3507 An Irish Journey: Leadership, Collaboration & Innovation in the Creative Ecosystem in Ireland Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland
Terms: Summer (S) Description: Come travel across the countryside, city streets and seashore of Ireland to immerse in creativity and innovation in action!
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MOB3540 Israel Startup Strategy Tel Aviv, Israel
Terms: Summer (S) Description: Israel Startup Strategy gives students an opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) of Israel.
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OIM3501 Global Health Innovation Lab Joao Pessoa, Brazil
Terms: Fall (S) Description: August 2023 Travel, Fall 2023 Course Enrollment Work in student teams to ideate, test, and implement health innovations in Brazil.
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Rwanda- Independent Study Kigali, Rwanda
Terms: Winter (S) Description:
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